Double Alpha Academy Racer Pouch with MAGNET DAA


Double Alpha Academy Racer Pouch with MAGNET DAA




Double Alpha DAA Racer Pouch (Black) with Magnet 

The Racer pouch has a sturdy base, and a center rotation screw which locks firmly and does not come loose or lose its setting. This is what makes it possible to attach the magnet directly to the pouch body with confidence.

To ensure that the screw is held firmly in place, we insert an M5 thermal brass nut into the plastic front panel of the pouch, seating it deeply into the plastic to provide a firm 6mm long thread for the magnet’s screw to attach to. A little manual cleaning on the inside of the pouch ensures that the smooth clean drawing of the magazine from the pouch is not affected in any way. The magnet, screw and thermal insert nut can also be ordered separately, if you wish to add it to a Racer pouch you already own. A little DIY will be required!



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